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Amazon Must Haves: Breastfeeding Edition


Breastfeeding Mamas, take notes!

One series I would like to start blogging about is going to be different “Must Have” Lists you can purchase directly and quickly from Amazon. These lists will focus on different themes and serve is a quick reference guide when you need to grab something. The first edition is going to be breastfeeding focused. I hope this list is helpful for you guys! Let me know in the comments if I missed anything!

  1. Lansinoh Nipple Cream. I tried several different ones and this was my favorite. Inexpensive and effective. 
  2. Lansinoh Storage Bags. Take it from someone who has seen EVERY bag imaginable, these are by far the most leak proof!
  3. Munchkin Lactation Cookies. While the best supply support is milk removal and staying hydrtated, I really liked these cookies and it certainly couldn’t hurt!
  4. Hakaa Shells. Okay, so I am pretty sure I am in the minority here, but I am not a fan of the Hakaa. I found it difficult to use, but I did think it was a well made product. So, that’s why I am recommending these. I think i much would have preferred these milk collection cups, but I don’t think they were available back when I needed them! The issue with the hakaa is it is actually a pump- it pulls milk from the breast via suction. I did NOT need to make more milk so I didn’t love to attach this every feed. Remember, milk removal= milk production. These cups only collect what falls naturally if you have a more forceful letdown. Also, I have seen many moms saying they have a freezer stash all thanks to the Hakaa only. This is problematic because it usually only gathers the foremilk- and not as much of the nutrient rich hind milk. While all milk is great, feeding only foremilk because that’s all your breastmilk stash is composed of, iisn’t as good as making a stash of richer milk. Especially for lower weight babies he need every calorie!
  5. Simple Wishes Handsfree Pumping Bra. If you plan to pump, at all, this is a huge necessity!
  6. Gratlin Nursing Bra. This is my favorite everyday breastfeeding bra. I’ve been wearing mine for ages and it is in great shape. 
  7. Bravado Nursing Bra. This is a more cozy option- great for night time support!
  8. Silver Nursing Cups. I have not used these myself, but I have heard so many Mamas swear these are the most healing, soothing things ever if your nipples become cracked and injured. They are on my list for the next kid for sure! I have heard nothing, but great things so let me know your experience if you try them!
  9. Three Shelf Cart. Yes, I know I put this on a breastfeeding list. But this little cart has been EVERYTHING in my house and when I have a newborn in the house- it becomes the nursing/pumping/newborn crap station that I can easily roll from room to room. If you don’t buy anything else- by this cart. You will thank me later when you aren’t moving all the clutter that comes with little babies from your nightstand to your coffee table everyday.
  10. Ameda Gel Pads. I asked for so many of these before I left the hospital. They aren’t the prettiest design to look at, but they felt so good when they were cold. 

I hope this list helps you out if you are just beginning your breastfeeding journey! Let me know what you try in the comments!

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