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Meet Easton!

Meet Our Mamas

Meet Easton!

On the night of our Flash Sale in March, I met a Mama who snagged one of our pieces. She shared with me that she was actually somewhat local to me and was currently spending a lot of time at a hospital with her son about an hour and a half away. We were talking and I learned her son had a heart condition and had been hospitalized since his birth. My husband is a cardiac surgery nurse and so I was somewhat familiar with the things she was telling me and we were able to chat about her experience. The next morning, she messaged to tell me he had taken a turn downhill and would likely need surgery. After this surgery, it was determined that he would be a candidate for a heart transplant.

I asked Kaitlyn if she would be interested in sharing their story and she agreed. I hope by doing so we can give support to her family monetarily as well as emotionally through this amazing community!

Here is Kaitlyn’s story:

“My husband and I were introduced by my sister I’m December of 2016 and have been together since the night we met! We have a 3 year old daughter who absolutely loves to play outdoors and be around animals especially our two dogs. She also loves to help anyone and everyone in any way she can. We have a small farm that we raise our own chickens, pigs and produce. We love the idea of homesteading and add more to our game each year. 

While I was pregnant with our son Easton I found out that he had congenital heart defects (CHD) at my 20 week ultrasound. I had to get fetal echos every 6 weeks to monitor his heart and so the surgeons could get a better idea of what to do for his first surgery. Easton was diagnosed with 6 different heart defects. We soon found out that every 1 in 110 babies born each day have a heart defect. 

Easton was born February 15th, 2021 and had his first heart surgery at 5 days old. Everything went well with surgery and 5 days later he had an arrest and was put on ECMO. During his arrest his tricuspid valve was damaged because a suture tore through it which caused severe regurgitation which wasn’t allowing enough blood to move through his heart. The surgeons decided that they would be able to go back and do another repair to valve to help with the regurgitation, he had this done around 5 weeks old. The surgery was unsuccessful and the regurgitation is still severe. Easton is now waiting for a heart transplant so that he can come home. 

Everyday I drop my daughter off at daycare to play with her friends and drive to the hospital and stay most of the day. I drive back home and pick up my daughter to go home and cook dinner and get things done around the house and farm. My husband works during the week so he comes to see Easton on the weekends. Unfortunately due to COVID our daughter and family are not allowed to meet Easton. 

The hardest part as a mother is that I can’t be there for Easton full time and that I’m unable to comfort him like I wish I could. I’m at the hospital from 8am-4pm everyday. At night I am home With my daughter. And knowing that he is at the hospital alone at only a couple months old is the hardest thing for me. With all of the medications he is on and being on a ventilator I am unable to hold him as well. I can count on one hand that amount of times I’ve gotten to hold him since he’s been born. I do my best to spend all the time I can with him but I have to be there for the rest of my family. We pray every night that Easton receives his transplant soon so that we are one day closer to bringing our little boy home. “

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and supporting Kaitlyn’s sweet family. You can add a tip to your purchase that will go directly to them, click the donate form on our website, and know that a portion of your purchase tonight will go to helping them financially!

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