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Our Preservation Process

Breastmilk Jewelry

Read about how we do it differently!

Let’s talk about milk preservation for a minute. 

Every breast milk jewelry maker has their own process and method. I have spent so much time perfecting this and finding exactly what works for me and my jewelry. To be perfectly honest, this is the most closely guarded part of the process for most makers. We don’t generally share exactly how we do it because we have each put a lot of time, effort, and research into figuring out how to do it well. When I first started Logan Grey Jewelry, I had to test this method for a while before I could ensure it was a valid method. I have partnered with an amazing Mama owned business who helps me source the materials for this and deliver a superior product. Let me tell you why.

For a little background, there are generally two main ways to do this- a heated method and a cold method, and some artists have even formulated wet methods which is not an easy thing to do. I, personally, use a cold method. The reason being is in some heated methods, some of the milk is cooked off and I don’t love the idea of losing any precious milk. 

Also, some methods require you to separate the fat and discard it. We don’t do that. We use all parts of the milk. To me, doing this feels a little like cheating. The fat content, or the “whey” is what gives each stone its unique color and make up. If you look at my work, you will see variations in every piece of jewelry.

And finally, our method maintains the color of the milk. Some methods use a substance that will automatically make it white- ours does not. While this is generally to ensure the stone will last, we have a method that will ensure the stone will last AND maintain its own special color qualities. We can make it white if you prefer, but we can also keep it the same as your natural milk if you’d rather. 

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