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What Is Logan Grey?

Business + Balance

Read to see how our brand has changed.

Welcome to Logan Grey. The new website for what was originally Logan Grey Jewelry, but in the span of the last year has evolved into more than I ever dreamed it could. 

It all started Spring of 2020 when I got the crazy idea to make breastmilk jewelry. With my husband’s support I started with a small number of orders, met some amazing Mamas who helped me get the word out and we grew from there. After a few steady months of sales, we decided we needed to enlist Kelcie. She is a previous customer of mine and owns the very first Silver Crown Necklace. She and I had discussed the idea of having her help with a website so in the beginning of January 2021, we decided to officially bring her on board to help with a *little* rebranding. That started off well, we were super pleased with all we were accomplishing and then the tables turned. After specifically asking me if I ever wanted to sell anything but jewelry and me saying no, I messaged and said, “Hey, I want to do t-shirts.” Originally, I couldn’t imagine doing anything but jewelry. I am so incredibly passionate about each and every piece and this craft. But, what my husband pointed out was that my Instagram itself was becoming a huge passion for me. The connection and community we were building was supporting moms like my jewelry was. So I decided to do clothing and mom gear. If you know me, you know I live in Mom shirts so this was a natural next step to our product line. And expanding our website beyond just jewelry sales would extend the community we were building over on Instagram and allow me to connect with you all on a bigger level. 

So, one Sunday afternoon, after telling Kelcie let’s do shirts, she said, let’s do it ALL and we brainstormed this new site and direction. And I couldn’t be happier with what we came up with. This website and all it offers is the biggest labor of love from me, Kelcie and my amazing husband. 

We are excited to bring more jewelry options, Mom Gear, motherhood blog content, support for Moms in the form of the Logan Grey Fund, and this new website that hopefully will be a source for support and community for all for us Moms! I have put my heart and soul into this expansion and can’t wait to bring you all along on this journey with me. We run this business as a family. Every night after putting babies to bed, we head up to our office and truly look forward to the night’s to do list. Thanks for allowing us to do this!

<3 Heather

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They aren’t kidding - it really does take a tribe. We know that finding friends as a mom can feel like dating. We make it easy for you. Join our amazing community of mamas in the Logan Grey Facebook Group to chat, ask questions, and make some new besties!



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As a Mama, one of the most helpful things to me is to find products I know will be great. There is so much to choose from and it's hard to know what is the best. I love recommendations from other Mamas that can give feedback and real life experience with using them. So, all of the products linked are ones that I have tried myself and I know are great, or have come highly recommended.  

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