Ready to order that piece you have been eyeing, but not sure where to start? No worries, Mama. We've got you! I will be posting a series of blog posts to help with that. I am going to start with the rings and add more posts soon! So, if you are ready, let's get designing!
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Once you purchase your jewelry, you will receive milk shipping instructions directly to you inbox within 24 hrs. However, if you are just so excited you can barely wait, you can also find them here or maybe you want to read up before purchase! Either way, you can find the same instructions you will receive in your inbox right here!
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It seems pretty simple. Gold and Silver, sometimes we offer Rose Gold. But, it really is much more to it than that. Like everything Logan Grey, we want to offer the best of the best quality. So, take a minute to read through this blog post that will explain our metals, why we use them, what we DON'T use, and a little bit of info on all of your options.

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