Let's Design Your Custom Breast Milk Jewelry! Ring Edition

Let's Design Your Custom Breast Milk Jewelry! Ring Edition

Ready to order that piece you have been eyeing, but not sure where to start? No worries, Mama. We've got you! I will be posting a series of blog posts to help with that. I am going to start with the rings and add more posts soon! So, if you are ready, let's get designing!

Metal Choices

The first choice you will need to make is what metal you want. We offer several to choose from. Our most premium option is Solid or Yellow Rose Gold. Crown Rings and Stackable Rings are available in this option. The remainder of our rings come in Yellow Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled and .925 Sterling Silver. We also have a blog post here that will give you a more in depth explanation of these if you are curious. 

Ring Style

Now that you have an idea of what you want metal wise, let's talk a little about our Ring Styles. In the picture below, you can see all our choices and their names. The only one not pictured is the Wrap Ring. I ran out of fingers, haha. Our choices range from classic to flashy. And depending on the inclusions you add, you can easily take one piece from one feel to the other. Our most popular ring is our Crown Ring found here. That ring paired with natural milk is easily our most ordered ring. It's classic, but can easily be made a little more "fancy" by adding one of our metal flake choices.


breast milk jewelry


Another popular ring is our Oval Ring- The Original found here. It's sleek and simple shape is a Mama favorite! Like the Crown, you can easily dress it up depending on the inclusions you choose! 

Lastly, another customer favorite are our Stackable Rings. These are so versatile and really fun. Many moms will add fun colors to these, stack multiples ones, or even stack them with other birthstone rings like these, to customize them even further!


I plan to create a blog dedicated to just our inclusions, but here is a brief overview of what you can add to your custom piece. 

Flakes: This is the most popular inclusion. Some Mamas like to add these to their ring to represent "liquid" gold. Sometimes we will add the amount of flakes to represent a number of children. Or sometimes Mamas just like a little sparkle. You can choose from rose gold flakes, yellow gold flakes, or silver flakes. Gold is the most popular choice followed by silver. You can see an example of each in the photo above. 

Hair: A lot of Mamas will opt to add hair to their jewelry- especially if they want to represent another child they don't have milk for. This can be added in a variety of ways making this a really customizable inclusion!

Flowers: Recently, I fell in love with adding flowers to jewelry. The one that sold me on this was a Mama who incorporated her grandfather's funeral flowers in her breastmilk ring. Such a beautiful way to keep memories close! Now, I have orders with flowers from wedding bouquets and flowers given to a Mama after the delivery of her babies. The possibilities are endless.

Keep in minds, our stacks are too tiny for inclusions, but every other piece is fair game!

I hope this blog was helpful. And as always, please email or DM me, I am happy to help you design your jewelry. I LOVE designing your pieces with you! 


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