Milk Shipping Instructions

Milk Shipping Instructions

How do I ship BREAST MILK?!


Once you purchase your jewelry, you will receive milk shipping instructions directly to you inbox within 24 hrs. However, if you are just so excited you can barely wait, you can also find them here or maybe you want to read up before purchase! Either way, you can find the same instructions you will receive in your inbox right here!

Congratulations on ordering your one-of-a-kind breast milk jewelry! I hope you will treasure this keepsake for many years to come. At Logan Grey, we recognize the importance of commemorating this time in your life and will treat your milk and order with the utmost respect and care. As a breastfeeding Mama myself, I know firsthand the hard-work and sacrifice that goes into this time period in your lives. I promise to work diligently to create a piece that will reflect this journey and that you will love! Here is some information you will need in order to get your milk and inclusions (if applicable) to me safely. Please read and follow these directions EXACTLY.
+ If you ordered a set of Stackable Rings, please read this section.
+ If you want all the same milk divided amongst your rings, scroll down and follow the regular instructions.
If you would like specific milk for each ring you will need to do the following:
+ We will need 5 mls of milk per ring. Measure 5 mls using a bottle or syringe as those are more accurate than BM storage bags.
+ Place the BM into a BM storage bag and seal it tightly.
+ Then, label a second BM storage bag with which number ring you would like this used for. The Ring Number should correspond to how you described it in your order. Also label with your name. You may also add the child’s name if you would like as a personal touch. 
+ Place the 1st bag into the second and seal it tightly.
+ Finally, place these sealed bags into a heavy duty ziploc bag and seal that.
+ Label the final ziploc with your name and phone number.
+ Never ship milk in only a ziploc bag. These are not sterile and may contribute to mold growth which would make your milk unusable.
+ Do this for EACH ring.
+ We ONLY need 15mls of milk. If you have ordered more than one piece, this is still enough. Please, do not send extra.
+ Do not use the storage bags to measure milk. Use a bottle or syringe as they are more accurate than the storage bags.
+ To contain the milk for shipping use a sterile breast milk storage bag. DO NOT PUT MILK DIRECTLY INTO A ZIPLOC BAG! Doing this, will void any guarantee that your milk will stay preserved properly. Remember, we can use 10 year old milk as long as no mold growth has occurred. Using non sterile bags may contribute to mold growth.
+ After you have placed 15mls of milk into one bag and sealed it tightly, put it into ANOTHER breast milk storage bag and seal it tightly. Label this bag with your first and and last name.
+ Then, place the two bags into a heavy duty ziploc bag and seal it tightly.
+ Label the final bag with your first and last name and phone number. Please, ship your milk in a SMALL box. These are readily available at the Post Office. DO NOT USE A PADDED ENVELOPE. Your milk may get squished and burst.
+ We only need a small lock of hair for your piece. Please be sure it is DRY and clean. You can simply place it in a small ziploc bag and include it in the box you are shipping milk in. We will return any extra if there is any when we mail your completed piece!
If you are local, you may drop this milk and inclusions off at the same address packaged in the same manner you would ship it (minus the box.) Please let me know you are planning to drop it off and when so I can be sure the drop off box is outside for you. Shoot me an email or DM through our social media sites. I am not responsible for milk and inclusions left without being notified.
We will send you an email letting you know when your milk and inclusions have arrived :)
Thanks for supporting our small business, Heather

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