Our Metals

Our Metals

What's in a Metal?

It seems pretty simple. Gold and Silver, sometimes we offer Rose Gold. But, it really is much more to it than that. Like everything Logan Grey, we want to offer the best of the best quality. So, take a minute to read through this blog post that will explain our metals, why we use them, what we DON'T use, and a little bit of info on all of your options.

First and foremost, there are several types of metals primarily used for jewelry making and that you will see offered in the breast milk jewelry biz. Gold or Silver Plated, Gold Filled, .925 Sterling Silver, and Solid Gold. 


Let's start with Plated. The one we do NOT use. In the infographic included in this post, you can visually see that plated has the thinnest layer of gold or silver. It's essentially a dusting and is commonly known as "costume jewelry." Never would we put a stone as precious as this in setting that is not made to last and will eventually turn your finger green. Be wary of purchasing any breast milk jewelry from others that only say "silver" or "gold." Often times they are saying the color here, not the metal, and this is an indication that likely it is plated. Most jewelers will explicitly say "filled," "solid," or .925 Sterling. 

Gold Filled

Next, let's talk about Gold Filled. Gold Filled metal is my personal favorite. It is an amazing quality metal that is long lasting, durable, and affordable. It is a great value for your money. Gold Filled is a base metal which is coated in a thick layer of gold that will never rub off like plated. With proper care it is resistant to tarnish and will showcase your beautiful breastmilk stone for years to come! The same with .925 Sterling. While Sterling may tarnish because of the high silver content (this is a good thing!) a quick clean with a jewelry cloth will bring it back to it's original condition. 

Solid Gold

Finally, we offer Solid Gold. This is the most premium option and highest quality of all metals. We use 14K Yellow Gold and 14K Rose Gold. We DO NOT offer White Gold. (White Gold is Rhodium Plated and needs to be re-dipped over time. Breast milk stones are not compatible with the re-dipping process.) This metal will last lifetimes and will not tarnish. Many people want the security of knowing their stone is set into Solid Gold so for them, this is an excellent choice. 

We hope this information is helpful for you. Please reach out with any questions you may have. We love planning jewelry with our Mamas and helping them choose the best option for them!


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