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The Logan Grey Fund

The Logan Grey Fund is designed to help Mamas and their families when they are facing tough times of any kind. We plan to use the money donated to send them a quick gift card for a meal, add an extra item in their order, or any other way we see to support them in their specific need. Be sure you are following us on Instagram to see how we do it! While we do plan to keep our Mamas confidential, unless they agree to us sharing their identity, we do plan to update everyone with exactly what their donations are going to. 

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How It Works

Nominate a mama who is in need of some help

As our business grew, we found that there were many instances where we would read a story attached to an order and immediately want to help. We help as many moms as we can each month by meeting their needs in tangiable ways.


We Help Mamas Who May be in Need of Some Financial help and a little extra love

The Logan Grey Fund is a secure Venmo account where donations are sent and the proceeds are used to help women in need. Some of our favorite ways to help mamas is by sending them giftcards, purchasing their groceries, ordering them dinner, and more!


Become a part of our community and watch us support, empower, and change real women's lives

Follow along on the journery! Even if you cannot support the Logan Grey Fund financially, we would love to have you follow along on Instagram and our mailing list. We have formed a community of women that is truly like no other. And of course, there is nothing better than watching acts of kindness change lives - one mama at a time. 


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We LOVE partnering with businesses who want to make a difference.

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Join the Mama Tribe

They aren’t kidding - it really does take a tribe. We know that finding friends as a mom can feel like dating. We make it easy for you. Join our amazing community of mamas in the Logan Grey Facebook Group to chat, ask questions, and make some new besties!


Do you know a Mama who could benefit from a helping hand? Send us her (and your) info below and we will take care of the rest!


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