Ring Sizing

You have three choices for finding your ring size. First, I recommend going to a jeweler and having them size your finger professionally. I know that’s not always possible so the second best choice is to order a Ring Sizer from Amazon. They are pretty inexpensive. Lastly, you could print a printable ring sizer from the internet. Just be certain you don’t have “fit to page” selected when printing!

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO SIZE YOUR FINGER CORRECTLY. These pieces cannot be resized after I have set the stones in them because our stones are not compatible with the heat of a solder tool. 

Necklace Size Guide

Necklaces of varying length


This is a visual example of the three necklace lengths we offer. While necklaces do fit everyone differently, here is a basic reference guide for you. Our 16 inch, the shortest, is more of a “long choker” and sits high near the collar bone. Our 18 inch length is your standard necklace length for most people. And our 20 inch chain is more of a pendant style. It hangs longer and is great for pieces with some weight to them like the Oval Necklace!

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