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Breastmilk Jewelry: A Tangible Way to Preserve Your Journey

Breastmilk Jewelry is jewelry made from the breastmilk of Mamas wishing to preserve their journey in a physical way. This jewelry is created from breastmilk sent in by Mamas that I preserve and then use to create a stone. I preserve the milk using a cold method. This method allows us to utilize all parts of the milk as well as maintain the natural color of it. Next, I use high grade jewelers resin to create a flawless, long lasting and quality breast milk stone. Finally, I set this stone in high quality jewelry settings and ship back to Mamas for them to have forever! Check us out on Instagram for more behind the scenes of this process! And yes, this is really a thing! So many Moms are skeptical about how this can work, but I have been doing this quite some time and all of our pieces have stayed preserved perfectly!

You can trust us to create a quality piece of jewelry to honor your breastfeeding journey. Our process also includes strict labeling procedures, (we use on average 9 labels PER ORDER!) and extreme attention to detail to ensure each milk is kept with the right order. We also operate on the basis of integrity. Each piece is treated as if it's my own and I can assure you the jewelry you get back will be made with the absolute most love and care!

Your Milk + Our Expertise = A Piece You’ll Wear and Cherish Forever

Your breastfeeding journey is unique and special and we want to capture that for you. Starting with half an ounce of breastmilk, we turn your own milk into the jewelry design of your dreams, that you can wear and cherish forever.

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